Asphalt and Concrete Driveway Maintenance

Asphalt and Civil offer maintenance for all your asphalt surfaces. We can ensure your wear and tear doesn’t escalate into major damage, and we check we can inspect your asphalt regularly to offset the need for premature resurfacing.

If you have a driveway or carpark that handles heavy vehicles, it is especially vital to have a professional team check out the condition of your asphalt a few times a year to ensure your surfaces remain level and haven’t sustained any significant cracks.

If water is pooling on your asphalt, it can accelerate deterioration, and if your surfaces are no longer level, this can quickly become an issue. By scheduling maintenance, you can avoid an emergency call-out and save money in the long run.

We work across projects of all sizes, so if your residential driveway, commercial property, factory carpark – or anything in between – has an asphalt surface, we have you covered for all your maintenance requirements.

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Our Asphalt Maintenance Services

Asphalt can start to deteriorate for a few different reasons: the base will weaken if you have water intrusion, or you may have heavy vehicles or high traffic volumes utilising your asphalt surface. In colder climates, water that has entered small cracks in your surface may freeze and then thaw, leading to larger cracks.

You may find your asphalt binder oxidises over time, which will likely result in a loss of flexibility and may also cause cracks. It’s vital that you catch these kinds of issues early and treat them quickly. Booking regular inspections is the key to avoiding costly repairs.

For asphalt and concrete driveway maintenance, we are the team to call.

Keeping your surfaces in good repair between inspections

To stay on top of the condition of your asphalt driveway, there are a few things you can look out for.

Excess Water

It’s important that water flows easily off your asphalt, and, in addition, it’s best not to ‘water’ your asphalt. Ensure that your sprinkler system isn’t adding to the water hitting your driveway and other surfaces.

Clean & Clear

Organic matter shedding off trees and bushes, grass clippings, tree sap and other dirt and debris will damage your asphalt if it settles there for long periods. Keep an outdoor broom handy; give your surfaces a quick hose and sweep a couple of times a month – and after major weather events.

Chemical Spills

A little oil on your driveways and carparks is inevitable; however, cleaning this up immediately will ensure your asphalt surfaces’ longevity. Don’t let petrol or other chemicals sit on your asphalt.

Edge Care

The edges of your driveway and other asphalt surfaces will be the weakest point. Try to keep vehicles and foot traffic away from the edge – and ask about installing a reinforcing layer here to offset damage.

Proper Drainage

Make sure your installer understands correct camber as a weapon against water pooling and ensure that water is sent down a proper gutter system away from your asphalt surfaces.

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We work with both asphalt and concrete, so if you need maintenance for either, we can help. We handle projects of all sizes and aim for 100% customer satisfaction every time.

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