Asphalt Sports Court

When you need an Asphalt Sports Court, you must use a specialist to ensure you are accessing the precision required for this kind of project.

At Asphalt and Civil, we have the experience, skills and equipment to produce outstanding results for your sports court project – and we offer finance options to help you get underway faster.

Alongside extensive experience with laying sports courts, our Auckland team can install your carpark, driveway, kerbing, retaining walls and work with you on road marking, chip sealing, kerbing, sawing, and much more.

We can lay your court in record time, and we are on board for regular maintenance or any repairs that become necessary across the years.

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For Asphalt Sports Court, we are the team to call. Get a free quote today.

Why Choose Asphalt for Your Sports Court?

Sports courts must be able to handle extremely heavy foot traffic, and that includes wet weather play across the winter months. Asphalt is an exceptionally durable material, and it can be laid without having to include expansion joints, so it’s more cost-effective – it also cures quickly.

The other key factor in choosing asphalt for your sports court is it’s traction ability. When you are moving swiftly and need to stop suddenly, asphalt is a perfect low-slip material to have underfoot.

For Asphalt Sports Court,
we are the team to call.

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