Residential Concrete Driveway & Commercial Paving Services

At Asphalt and Civil, our residential concrete driveway and commercial paving services team have all the skill, experience and equipment required to add value to your property with a premium lay and finish across all your concrete and paving requirements.

In addition, our Auckland crew are the professionals to call for hard landscaping, sawing, kerbing, chip sealing, road marking and more. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction 100% of the time, and our finishing skills are second to none.

We can lay fresh, or we will come and repair the asphalt surfaces on your property to the highest standard.

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For Residential Concrete Driveway & Commercial Paving Services, we are the team to call. Get a free quote today.

Why Choose Concrete for Your Driveway or Paving?

Concrete is a long-standing favourite for a few good reasons:

Longevity: Whether you are looking at a large-scale commercial car park or you want a sweeping driveway to welcome your guests to your residential property, concrete is a premium choice in terms of longevity and durability.

Cost-Effective: Concrete is a cost-effective solution that provides you with years of wear, is low maintenance, and can offer an excellent sloped cover for effective run-off.

Good Form: Concrete is a wonderfully malleable material; you can employ it decoratively for commercial paving that enhances your business premises or utilise its excellent properties to add kerbing features to your residential driveway.

Design Options: For something a little bit special, think coloured concrete, choose a herringbone design or opt for a flecked finish.

For Residential Concrete Driveway & Commercial Paving Services,
we are the team to call.

Our Process

Asphalt and Civil has a trained and qualified team to send out for all your residential concrete driveway & commercial paving jobs. We work across carparks, driveways, paths and much more.

1. Excavate the Site

We start by creating a stable, level foundation for the site of your pour. Asphalt and Civil ensure your base is constructed properly by compacting the earth and using gravel or other suitable materials to give your concrete the best foundation.

2. Formwork

Our team will create box work and framing, functioning as a mold for your concrete. This is done with expert knowledge that accounts for the pressures created during the pour and set process.

3. Pouring the Concrete

Once the formwork has been constructed, the concrete will be poured into the mold and manipulated to ensure an even, smooth finish.

4. The Finishing

This involves texturing and smoothing the pour to the correct level. In this stage, you may opt for adding texturing or colour to your driveway or paving.

5. Curing

Curing means hardening when we talk about concrete. Each job will have a unique curing time; your Asphalt and Civil team should be able to give you a ballpark for curing at the start of the job. Typically, this takes days; however, for larger projects and dependent on weather, complete curing can take weeks.

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