Asphalt & Concrete Car Park Construction

The expert team at Asphalt and Civil provides a premium finish with optimal curing times for your carpark construction project across industrial, commercial and residential properties.

Our skill set is specialised, and we own the equipment, so you always get the best service perfectly targeted to your specific needs. Call us for design, excavation, planning and construction procedures that you can trust to provide the best result for your carpark project.

As well as offering the best solution for your asphalt or concrete carpark project, we also provide road marking, chip sealing, kerbing, sawing, hard landscaping services and more.

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For asphalt car park construction and concrete park construction, we are the team to call. Get a free quote today.

Should I Select Asphalt or Concrete?

Both of these materials provide an intelligent choice for your carpark project in terms of longevity and a good-looking, well-finished result.


Asphalt is a competitively priced option for carpark projects; it’s resilient, long-wearing, and able to withstand heavy traffic across large swathes of time. It also works hard when it comes to concealing oil spills, tire marks and anything else that might end up on the surface of your carpark.

Most asphalt projects will dry in around 24-72 hours. It’s fast to install, which spells less disruption at home for residential work and fewer breaks in productivity on your industrial or commercial property.


If you are looking at cost efficiency, flexible finishing, and a result that will stand the test of time, concrete is a great material for your carpark project. Our crew can also personalise your carpark with a wide range of finishing options available. Select a textured finish or add flecks or colour to the final product.

We also offer hard landscaping and kerbing, and we can install retaining walls to protect your carpark from slips during extreme weather.

For asphalt car park construction and concrete car park construction, we are the team to call.

Choosing Asphalt and Civil

If you are looking for expert service with smart options, Asphalt and Civil has you covered. We are locally owned and bring many years of experience in excavation, design and construction to your carpark construction.

We provide a one-stop-shop approach. Alongside driveway construction, we work on projects ranging from maintenance and repairing minor cracks in your asphalt or concrete carpark to large-scale commercial carpark construction.

We also offer easy finance options, so you don’t need to delay installing a carpark to provide good facilities for your clients, contractors, suppliers and visitors.

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Our satisfied customers experience delivery of projects under budget, and we pride ourselves on exceptional finishing for every project. The goal is always to go above and beyond, and we offer a personal service across the entire Auckland region.

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